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Strawberry News!!!

Great News!!!!!

Introducing three new editions to my sight, which should be arriving shortly! Soonest to come is "Anime Now!" Anime Now, is a club for people who own sights about either Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, or Sailor Moon. This is not a webring so anyone can join: even without a sight being maintained. By being a member, you'll be invited to check out the club page, news, special images, and all sorts of stuff. Anyone can join: even if you're sight is really messed up (of course I'll never say anything mean :-) For members with sights, you get the honer of putting my official link image up (coming soon)!
Next, coming later, maybe around fall, is my new web-ring: Anime Now Gold: Closer to Perfection. This is a webring for people who own sights about Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, and Sailor Moon. (As applies to both Anime Now Sights, NO HENTAI!!!!) Only chosen sights will be put in!!! I've seen many good ones, so don't be shy!!! The requierments go as followed:
1. Must have a sight with one of the 3 above subjects.
2. No Hentai!!
3. Doesn't have to have frames, but must be neatly organized!!!
4. Must be an all-around cool sight!!! (which means that it has a counter, guestbook, and is a member of at least one ring)
I'm also interested in having another web-master to help out! If you're interested, E-mail me, or sign my guestbook. For those who'd like to be added to my early members list for either, E-mail me, or sign my guestbook, speciafying which one or both. Please leave your URL.
Last, but not least, later this year, will be my "Strawberry News" American Edition. (This is a Japanese-Sanrio Newsletter that's only availible in Japan.) Though I can't get translations, etc., each month, I'll enclude pictures, and summaries about, and from their newest issue!!!!! This page will be done, Early Jan/Dec.