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Chibi-Usa's Awards to Win Page!!

Hello, and welcome to my lil' awards page! I'm still having problems with making really good ones, so you'll have to deal with these!! Sorry 'bout this... anyway, they may not look like much, but it really is something if you get one from me: I'm not easily impressed! ^_^ But even so, if your page isn't all that, it's ok: you'll probably land up getting one anyway!!!! (One of my bad points: I'm toooooo nice! :-) Soon, I should be getting fields for you to fill out (it'll make life easier!), but for now, just E-mail me, your URL, the name of your sight, E-mail address, and Internet name. Thanks!

Saturn's Tiny Award for Big Greatness

Saturn's Award of Greatness

Saturn's Pick of the Week

More to come soon!

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