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Hi, and welcome to my lil' cute page! The loading might take a little while, so sit tight! Make sure you check here often: it's constantly being up-dated. Don't forget to rank me, and check out my awards that I've won! (I just got a new one today!!!) My ranking system's been changed today, to a newer one.. so please make sure to vote!!! If your too lazy to click on the link to that page, scroll down, and vote for me at the very bottom of this here page! Arigato! Also, please E-mail me at,, or My guestbook is sooooooooo much nicer now that I added colorfulness to it's sign-up page, (and an animated gif ^_^) which as been moved locally! ^_^ Oh, and one more thing: the FUN PAGE exists no more...... if you click on the link, you'll be magically trnsported to my even cuter page: The Very First Lina and Gourry Couple Shrine Ever!! Click hereor on the fun stuff button. For cute pictures, click on my image page which has been up-dated! As a fianl note: YOU LOVE ME: YOU REALLY LOVE ME!!! I won for best page as of the 21st!!!! (In the ranking system: thanks everyone!) Here's what it looks like:

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Welcome to Chibi's Moon's Place 'o' Madness!!!

Hiyaaaaa!!!!!! Welcome to my kawaii lil' page all about me, and the other Sailor Scouts! My name's ChibiChibi... Sailor Chibi to you! Here you'll find all sorts of stuff, like downloads, links, pictures, my guestbook, and character info!
But first, let's thank

for some of the cool icons, and images: I couldn't have done it without her! (Please note: this site is in Japanese only). In my edited links page (coming soon) I'll be sure to separate the Japanese only pages from the English. Is okay?

If you all have any questions or comments or anything cute like that, E-mail me, or sign my guestbook! Have fun!!!! Here's a special Chibi-terrific downloadable song sung by Chibi Moon!!!
Sailor Chibi-Usa's Song For more songs, visit Sailor Chibi-Usa's Super Attack Sounds and Movies!! (coming soon)

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